Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Child Called "It"

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Pelzer, David. A Child Called It. Deer Beach, FL: Health Communications, 1995.
                ISBN: 1558743669

Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize
JC Pen Golden Rule Award, 1990
California Volunteer of the Year, 1991
Ten Outstanding Young Americans, 1993
Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, 1994
National Jefferson Award, 2005

As the third worse case of child abuse in California, David Pelzer struggles to survive the clutches of an abusive, alcoholic mother. From being a member of the family, David soon becomes A Child Called It.

What would you do to survive? Starting at the age of five David Pelzer’s life took an abusive and unstable turn for the worse. As a slave to an alcoholic mother and a burden to his father, David struggled to survive his mother’s torturous game and just hope that he would be able to eat just a bit of leftovers left behind from his brothers.    

Though heartbreaking, David’s life becomes an inspirational story keeping readers thinking for weeks to come.  As David experiences heavy abuse, ice baths, starvation, and total isolation, readers are introduced to a world that is highly shied upon.  Through each struggle readers connect to the life of David Pelzer and learn about the compelling life of child abuse.

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