Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Summoning


 Book Cover Image:

 Armstrong, Kelley. The Summoning. New York: Harper Collins, 2008. Print.
         ISBN: 9780061450549

Texas Library Association Tayshas High School Reading List

All 15 year old Chloe Saunders wants to be is normal. But after she meets her first ghost her life gets a little bit spooky.

Book talk:"[Chloe] sees dead people--and they see her." Chloe's life was pretty normal until she met her first ghost. All Chloe wants to do is be a normal teenager. Go to school. Fit in. And maybe be noticed by a boy. But while at school a very violent ghost haunts her every move and her teachers and classmates notice her for all the wrong reasons. Because of her inappropriate and strange behaviors, Chloe earns herself one-way ticket to the Lyle House, a home for disturbed teenagers.

After first arriving Chloe tries to keep on the D.L. because she wants to go home as soon as possible. But after learning a little about her housemates she realizes that she isn't the only one with paranormal behaviors. Is the Lyle House really a home for disturbed teens or is their more to the story then what is at the surface?

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