Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Bick, Ilsa J. Ashes. New York: Egmont, 2011. Print.
        ISBN: 9781606841754

N/A - Note this was just release September 2011

All Alex wanted to do was go camping and say goodbye to her parents and her personal demons. But life turns to a fight for survival when a devastating electromagnetic pulse strikes and kills billions.

Book Talk:
It was time for Alex to let go of the monsters of her past but when an EMP strikes life gets a little bit complicated. The monster that has been living in her brain has just taken a turn for the better. At least she thinks anyway! She can actually smell and taste food now but she can smell like a dog with extra sensitive senses. Something that is also a little weird is all the young people she's encountered since the EMP have turned into human-eating zombies except for Ellie and Tom. What exactly happened when the EMP struck? Why are all the 50-65 year olds trying to use her as leverage? Will she ever make it home? Or will she just turn into Ashes?

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