Monday, November 21, 2011

Life As We Knew It


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Pfeffer, Susan Beth. Life As We Knew It. Orlando: Harcourt Books, 2006. Print.
     ISBN: 0152058265

2007 Young Adult Library Services Association's Best Books for Young Adults
2007 Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Science Fiction or Fantasy Book
2006 Booklist Editor's choice Award for Book for Youth
2009 Nominee for Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award
2008-2009 Truman Readers Award

The moon is closer and now gas is more than $10 a gallon, all the grocery stores are out of food, and school is closed indefinitely. Is the worst yet to come?

Book Talk:
Miranda's life has completely changed forever. The moon has been struck by an asteroid and is now completely out of its normal orbit.  Fierce thunderstorms, tsunamis, and volcanoes have destroyed the coastlines and everything the world has known before. What challenges will Miranda and her family face? Will she ever see her Dad, Lisa, and grandma ever again? Will things ever be normal again? How much worse can things really get? Will life ever be as we knew it?

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