Thursday, November 3, 2011


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Buckhanon, Kalisha. Upstate. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2005. Print.
      ISBN: 9780312332686

American Library Association Alex Award
Hurston/Wright Legacy Award

Written as letter correspondence, Natasha and Antonio find themselves in a difficult situation. Being separated for more than a decade, will the couple's love really test the brink of time?

Book Talk:
Sixteen-year-old Natasha and seventeen-year-old Antonio's young love is separated when Antonio is sent to prison for the murder of his father. Letter-after-letter and year-after-year, the two young lovers relationship slowly grows apart. From Antonio's trial to Natasha taking a school trip to France, the teen's grow in unexpected ways but continue a friendship through written words. As each teen experiences two different lives, oftentimes they learn that they only have each other to rely on and wonder if they will truly find each other again. An age old question, does absences truly make the heart grow fonder?

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